Voices of The Mix

93.7 FM The Mix is student operated, meaning students produce much of the content you’ll hear on the station. Here are the many voices of The Mix!

  • Senior Dylan Shepherd
  • Senior Dane Morris
  • Junior Paul Lovellette
  • Sophomore Kelsea Fletcher
  • Sophomore Mason Herendeen
  • Sophomore Mariah Hamman
  • Freshman Grace Sittler
  • Freshman Gage Knox
  • Freshman Delaney McCool
  • Freshman Jalen Gonzalez
  • Freshman Blaine Baut
  • Sophomore Brett Marshall
  • Sophomore Walker Myers
That’s not everyone! You’ll also hear the voices of…

Conner Allen

Mariah Hamman

Mason Herendeen

Mykaela Miller

Asia Heid

Aaliyah Hirn

Gavin Malone

Braxton Mast

Ashton McCreary

Jackson Ousley

Destiny Roacha

Jared Smith

Brenden Tinkey

Delaney McCool

Gavin Rose

Preston Clemons

Alexis Hayle

Ryan Snider

Matthew Wuthrich

Evan Fidler

Jose Garcia

Grace Rhodes

Jayla Swartz